HINDVANTURE Mix Note Value Counting Machine Inbuilt Detector

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Technical Specifications

Model: Value Plus

Feature Counting with Fake Note Detector, Hopper
Hopper Capacity 200 pcs
Net Weight 7.1 kg
Gross Weight 6.1 Kg
Stacker Capacity 200 pcs
Detection UV,IR, MT
Counting Speed 1000 pcs/min
Counter Display 4 Digits
Batch Display 3 Digits
Dimensions 220 x 320 x 340 mm
Display LCD
Power Consumption 70 W
Power Supply 220 V

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HINDVANTURE Mix Note Value Counting Machine Inbuilt Detector, Model: Value Plus

Mix Value Note Counter machine Count all the Currency at the same time. Mix Counting machine Count all the Notes and tell the total value of the Currency had been Counted. You have to put Note on the top and mix value machine counting machine count and also detect fake note while counting Note. You can put different Note like 100₹ and 500₹ together HINDVANTURE mix note counter machine will display the vale on the 500 Notes and 100 Note and machine stop running if any Fake note come on the counting.

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