HINDVANTURE Value Counting Machine With Fake Note Detector

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Technical Details

Model: Money Count 271
Note Holding Capacity : 200 -300 Notes
Weight (Approx.) : 5.3 Kg.
Dimensions in mm : 310 x 285 x 175
Counting Speed (Approx.) : 1000 Notes /min
Detection Technology : UV3, MG3, IR3 &  PRE 2005 INR Note Recognition
Features : Mix Note Value Counting + 100% Fake Detection, Add & Batch Function
Best for use: Cash Counter use, General Store, large business, banks, 

property dealer, currency handling services etc.



Hindvanture Value Counting Machine With Fake Note Detector, helps to count currency of all denomination in mix denomination and detect fake currency accurately . It can count Total number of notes, Total number of notes for each denomination & Total value for all denomination of currencies . Advanced high technology ir-cis scan,uv+mg+ir+mt+dd+3d counterfeit detection enables accurate detection of fake notes . Add & batch functions are very ideal and useful while counting cash . It is an ideal machine for banks ,hotels ,restaurants,builders,bullion traders,diamond merchants,traders,retails shops,hospitals,clubs,malls,small office and business organization where there is a need to count and detect currencies it can save time & labour cost & reduce losses due to human error . Currency counter is a very helpful tool in detecting fake notes due to the increased number of fake notes being circulated in the market. This machine has a special LCD screen for clear display which also turns red in color on detecting fake notes ,suspicious notes,half notes,double notes.

1 review for HINDVANTURE Value Counting Machine With Fake Note Detector

  1. Nayan Singh

    Best value counting machine with fake note detector

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