HINDVANTURE Mix Note Counting Machine With Fake Note Detector

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Technical Details

Model: Money Count 261 
Note Holding Capacity : 200 -300 Notes
Weight (Approx.) : 6.3 Kg.
Dimensions in mm : 300 x 257x 165
Counting Speed (Approx.) : 1000 Notes /min
Detection Technology : UV3, MG3, IR3 &  PRE 2005 INR Note Recognition
Features : Mix Note Value Counting + 100% Fake Detection, Add & Batch Function
Best for use: Cash Counter use, General Store, large business, banks,

property dealer, currency handling services etc.


Hindvanture Mix Note Value Counting Machine, Mix Value Note Counter machine Count all the Currency at the same time. Mix Counting machine Count all the Notes and tell the total value of the Currency had been Counted. You have to put Note on the top and mix value machine counting machine count and also detect fake note while counting Note. You can put different Note like 100₹ and 500₹ together Hindvanture mix note counter machine will display the vale on the 500 Notes and 100 Note and machine stop running if any Fake note come on the counting.

3 reviews for HINDVANTURE Mix Note Counting Machine With Fake Note Detector

  1. vridhisingh9

    perfect mix value counting machine

  2. hindvanture

    mix note value counting machine

  3. pradeep

    very nice machine for my business thanks

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