Hindvanture HV-A4 Spiral Binding Machine


Technical Specifications

Punch Capacity 12 Sheets (80g)
Binding Capacity 500 Sheets
Throat Open
Punching From Manual
Back Space Adjuct No
Weight 10.5 kg
Dimension 430 x 330 x 180 mm


Hindvanture Model: HV-A4 Spiral Binding Machine, Spiral binding machine use to bind numbers of papers together with the plastic roll coil. Spiral binding machine also known as plastic Coil Binder machine or Spiral Coil Binder machine.
Spiral binding machine bind all paper in such manner that all papers move 360 degree easy to rotate and can open flat on the table. Spiral coil binding machine used by manufactures of Calendars, books and dairy etc. Spiral Coil three type A/4 size coil, Metal wire coil and plastic coil reel type.


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