HINDVANTURE Cash Counting Machine With Fake Note Detector

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Technical Details

Model: Money Count 221

Function: Batch, Add and Self Examination
Detection Sensors: UV & MG Suspect Note Recognition
Value Mode: N/A
Sorting Mode: N/A
Display: Front + Customer Display (External)
Keypad: Basic Keypad
Voice /Speaking Features: Automatic
Note Holding Capacity: 200 Notes
Weight (Approx.): 5.3 Kg.
Dimensions in mm: 320 x 288 x 205
Counting Speed:1000 Notes /min
Currency Mode: INR
Features : Loose Note Counting with Fake Detection
Best for use: Personal use, small shop, small business etc.


Cash Counting Machine With Fake Note Detector

This Money Counter Is Very Easy To Use And Have Multiple Functions. This Machine Can Count The Number Of The Bill And Can Quickly Identify Bills By Using UV Detection Function. It’s You Best Choice To Count The Bill. Feature Automatic Detecting With UV(Ultraviolet) And MG(Magnetic) While Counting Suitable For Most Currencies In The World Automatic Start, Stop And Clearing With Batching, Adding And Self-Examination Functions Automatic Half-Note Detection Specifications Counting Speed: ?900 Pcs/Min Size Of Countable Note: 2 X 4.3-3.5 X 7.5 Inches Dimensions: 11.8 X 9.8 X 7.4 Inches Net Weight:13.3 Lbs Size Of Carton: 12.6 X 11.4 X 8.3 Inches<2 Pcs>L Power Consumption: AC 110V / 220V 60Hz / 50Hz Power Consumption:? 80W Hopper Capacity: ? 130 Pcs Stacker Capacity: ? 130 Pcs Package Include: 1 X Bill Counter 1 X Instructions

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