Lamination Pouch/ Dragon Sheets

These Laminating films are Widely used for laminating ID Cards. Driving licenses, licenses, passes, bus cards, menus & recopies, photos, luggage tags,Lamination Pouch are one the our best product which is demanded from all over India. We provide you the lamination pouches in different sizes with different thicknesses. We are also able to provide you the lamination pouches as per the requirement of customers. Our lamination pouches is completely dust free & very clean. The packing of lamination pouches are done with very high supervision of experts. We provide you lamination pouches as per national & international standards at very reasonable rate in this competitive market.

Dragon Sheets
PVC dragon sheets are extensively used for printing and making PVC ID cards through inkjet printers. These sheets are made from the finest quality of poly vinyl chloride material.

HINDVANTURE PVC dragon sheets come in 200×300 mm size and are available in various colors. These sheers are used with lamination machine to make plastic/smart ID cards using an inkjet printer.

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