Heavy Duty Paper Shredder Machine In Delhi

heavy duty paper shredder machine in Delhi, Noida, Guurgaon call: 8750014394, 011-40392655 HINDVANTURE heavy duty paper shredder machine price list in India, we provide all types paper shredding machine like office shredders & industrial shredders

If you want to buy industrial document shredder today, there is a best industrial document shredder to pay attention to…

Paper Shredders Company: We are Indian Reputed Shredder Manufacturing Company. Manufacture Industrial Document Shredder. Our Technicians: Well Certified | Extensive Knowledge. Paper Shredders is Division of Shredders and Shredding Company, This is the perfect Industrial Document Shredder Machine for all types of business, Industry use to destroy confidential documents.

Short Summary (Operating System): Now, I am going to explain to you how to operate HINDVANTURE Industrial shredder, HINDVANTURE is the Best Industrial Document Shredder Machine to shred high volume documents with clips, Box Files, Bank Statements, Old records, Unwanted waste paper, Daily Vouchers, Books, and Newspaper etc securely.

HINDVANTURE HI-99 designed for all types of Business use whether it is for Industries / Commercial/ government/ Private sector, Banks and Individual Firm with the professional color combination (Available Color Light Grey, Grey, Slate Blue, and Black).

We also provide color as per customer needs. Easy Operating System: This Industrial Document Shredder has a limited function, and having a very simple process to operate without any complication.

Control Panel: The writing keyroll function on the panel is printed onto the self-adhesive sticker.

Key Rotary Switch: For ON / OFF Shredder GREEN Button: For Start Shredding.

RED Button: For Stop Shredding.

YELLOW Button: For Reverse

ORANGE Button: For Emergency Stop

Phase Indicator: Show Electricity fluctuation Phase Indicator has three indicating lights (“Red”, “Blue”, “Yellow”).

When shredder gets proper electricity these lights will be ON. Operating Time |

Cutting Capacity: It easily Shreds 2500 kgs per day with low electricity consumption. How can I shift shredder one place to another? SMBZ7 Industrial Document Shredder | Industrial Document Shredding Machine comes with Four castors to move one location to another without any complication. Is it difficult to operate? No, It is very easy to operate even a layman can use the shredder easily. Don’t worry about the quality of shredder.

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