i card lamination pouch

HINDVANTURE 175 Micron I Card Lamination Pouch

270.00 150.00

Item: 175 Micron I Card 

Quantity: 100 Pouches In Packet
Thickness:175 micron

Pouch Size : 70 x 100 mm

Material: Plastic


HINDVANTURE 175 Micron I Card Lamination Pouch, Lamination pouch film are clear transparent film excellent for preserving photos, certificates, flash cards, ID cards, driving licenses, visiting cards, important documents, certificates, photos etc.
It’s very important to choose the right laminating film that is compatible with the laminator, else it can cause damage to the machine. The laminating pouch film comes in various thickness and widths, so the first thing one needs to know is the correct size of the laminator and its settings.


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