Paper Cutting Machine In Gandhi Nagar

Paper Cutting Machine In Gandhi Nagar, Paper Cutting Machine Dealer Supplier In Gandhi Nagar Call: 8750014394, 011-40392655 HINDVANTURE Heavy Duty Paper Cutting Machine In Delhi


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PAPER CUTTING. Salient Features The machine is made of best quality cast iron and steel. … These machines, being very strongly built, are able to cut much higher stacks of paper than other similar ones

Get best heavy duty Paper Cutting Machine at best price in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon

8 Inch Manual Paper Cutting Machine | Manual Paper Ream Cutter

Cutting Capability: Paper, Photo, Pvc Products, Suitable for cut Thick /Strong Paper Card, etc.

Brief Description: 18″ Heavy Duty Paper Cutting Machine – 18″ Blade A3 Heavy Duty Guillotine Paper Cutter (A3-18” Paper Cutter) Heavy Duty Steel Base. Hardened Steel Cutting Blade. Adjustable Paper Clamp. Pre-assembled and ready-to-use out of the box. Scratch resistant coating on grid surface.

The KVR A200 Cutter are able to slice through 350 sheets (1.5″ thick) in one pass. The built-in heavy-duty clamp puts even pressure across the entire cut area to eliminate paper shift and drag. This model features a 18″ cut length from front to back, large enough to cut posters and larger books.

Solid steel construction ensures this cutter will last a long time, and you’ll be able to tell the moment you pick it up. Rubber feet at each corner stop the cutter from sliding during use, and a removable handle allows for easier storage.

Included safety measures to reduce the risk of injury and make you feel more comfortable while using the cutter.

The blade is located to the far side of the clamp, which allows you to position paper on the left side without fear of being cut. The clamp acts as a barrier between you and the blade.

Our safety pin mechanism holds the arm in the “up” position until you are ready. Release the safety by pushing the safety release button at the back of the cutter and the arm can be pulled down to complete the cut.

A removable guard covers the exposed side of the blade at all times We have videos available showing proper use and maintenance to keep the cutter in a safe working manner.

The included blade holder allows for easier removal and placement of old/new blades.

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