cash counting machine in gurugram

Currency Counting Machine In Nehru Place

Currency Counting Machine In Nehru Place Call: 8750014394, 011-40392655


Currency Counting Machine is a machine

used to count the cash fastly in accurate

manner Machine typically provide the

total count of all money or count off

specific batch set of storage.

HINDVANTURE Providing you the best range

of Money Counting Machine such as

Loose Note Counting Machine,

Money Counter with Fake Detector,

Money Counting Machine with Fake Note

Detector and Currency Counting Machine

With Fake Note Detector with effective & timely delivery.

HINDVANTURE Money Count-221
Cash counting machine with inbuilt fake currency detector

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Our Story

We started our journey in 2012. And looking back it has been an awesome ride with lots of ups and downs. But whatever be the situation, we were always trying to move forward.

HINDVANTURE a high Quality Brand in Office & Banking Automation Products through its exceptional technical qualities and service. You can always expect best products and service from us.  We strictly maintain recent and updated technology and firmware in our products. All our products are strictly manufactured and designed as per rules and guidelines. We Provide all kind of Loose Note Counting Machine with Fake Note Detector, Manual Fake Note Detector, Bundle Note Counting Machine Floor Type & Desktop, Paper Shredders, Paper Cutters, Document Binding Machine, Document Laminator, and more

HINDVANTURE Money Count 241 Cash Counting Machine With Fake Note DETECTOR
Technical Specification 
Operation Mode: Automatic & Manual  
Function: Batch, Add and Self Examination
Detection Sensors: UV & MG, IR, MT, 3D Technology
Value Mode: Semi Value (Manual Value Counter)
Sorting Mode: N/A
Display:  Dual Display Front & Side + Customer Display (External)
Keypad: Dual Keypad (Front & Side)
Voice /Speaking Features: On/Off
Note Holding Capacity: 200-300 Notes
Weight (Approx.): 6 Kg.
Dimensions in mm: 375 x 313 x 255
Counting Speed : 1000 Notes /min
Currency Mode: INR, EURO & DOLLAR

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